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Brent A. Macey, CPA

How would you describe your role at Rowe, Deming & Rothman?

I work as a contractor for RDR.  During the busy times of the year, the firm provides projects in tax and accounting for me to prepare.  My work is then reviewed by firm management prior to finalization and delivery to the client.

What is important to you as you work with Rowe, Deming & Rothman clients?

Quality, first and foremost.  My role includes preparing income tax returns and other projects.  I strive for my work to be accurate and timely so that minimal effort is required to review the work and deliver the project to the client.

What is your education and experience related to your role at Rowe, Deming & Rothman?

I graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in accounting and worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for 23 years, the last 10 as a partner.  During this time, I became a CPA licensed in Oregon.  My PwC experience included work in tax, accounting, auditing and risk management. 

I then became the Director of Internal Audit for Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. for 15 years with an emphasis on the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, risk management and auditing.

What do you enjoy doing when not working? 

Reading, golfing, water sports, hiking, following professional sports, learning to play the piano, and refereeing high school football.

What is a quote or saying that you find personally meaningful?

“Just do it!”

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